Sofy + GitHub Student Developer Pack                  

Ship Quality Code Fast by automating mobile app and website testing with Sofy.

We have partnered with GitHub Education to give you 6-month free subscription to all mobile app and website testing tools.

What you will learn with Sofy:

Automation of UI and functional testing powered by patented ML and deep learning algorithms
  • One Tool for Mobile and Website Testing: Sofy automatically tests both mobile apps and website in minutes without any code changes.
  • Intelligent Record and Playback: Users can record and playback new scenarios to test specific use cases using a built-in Sofy emulator and run scenario tests at scale across devices.
  • Automatic Validation: Sofy tests your mobile app and website’s functionality, validates against 500+ industry guidelines for visual quality and reports on security and performance issues.

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Sofy AI Overview Video - Autonomous Testing Using the Power of AI and Cloud

About Sofy

Sofy automates your software testing, uses machine learning to create tests, suggests test scenarios based on product changes, customer usage data and runs at scale. Software testing has never been so simple.

At Sofy, our mission is to enable companies to ship quality code faster by automating what was hitherto performed only manually and by empowering all the personas to have a stake in testing so that shipping a quality App is not just the responsibility of the testing team.

Sofy’s patented machine learning algorithms recommends test scenarios based on product changes, prior test results to increase test coverage. Sofy can provide real time usage analytics to give developers visibility into usage of the app and suggest test scenarios to enhance user engagement.