Webinar: The Perils & Promise of Mobile App UI Automation

On-Demand Webinar
Automation, the underpinning of DevOps remains elusive when it comes to software testing, especially mobile app testing as UI Automation has always been a challenge.

UI is hard to automate since there are a lot of moving parts. Even small changes to the location of controls, texts on controls and changes to logic make it challenging to automate the testing of UI. The problem is particularly challenging for native and hybrid mobile apps.  

In Episode 2 of Sofy webinar series we will explore some of the challenges software teams face when trying to automate functional and UI testing. We will also discuss when it is appropriate to undertake automation and the different ways to automate testing of Mobile Apps.

In this live webinar, you will learn more about:

  • Retaining the fidelity of product requirements during testing: From defining requirements by a product manager to its implementation by a developer to testing by QA, there is a high probability that subtle details of implementation are not captured in the documentation and hence how the app is tested which affects product quality. How can testing compensate for such issues?
  • Critical function testing: How can we automate testing of critical functions while remaining resilient to minor changes in the UI?
  • Regression testing with fidelity: The shelf life of a feature is longer than the people involved in the development as people transition in and out of projects. How do we ensure test scenarios as defined during development are retained and effectively reused in an automated way to ensure issues don’t regress during product evolution.
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Hyder Ali, VP, Product and Business Development at Sofy


Syed Hamid, Founder & CEO at Sofy

About Sofy

Sofy automates your software testing, uses machine learning to create tests, suggests test scenarios based on product changes, customer usage data and runs at scale. Software testing has never been so simple.

At Sofy, our mission is to enable companies to ship quality code faster by automating what was hitherto performed only manually and by empowering all the personas to have a stake in testing so that shipping a quality App is not just the responsibility of the testing team.

Sofy’s patented machine learning algorithms recommends test scenarios based on product changes, prior test results to increase test coverage. Sofy can provide real time usage analytics to give developers visibility into usage of the app and suggest test scenarios to enhance user engagement.